Emotional freedom technique is a new procedure and you might want to understand how the process works to treat the various conditions. This is a treatment therapy that relies on creating balance in the body by transfer of energy. It is believed that the well-being of the body depends on energy balance on the body. The results with tapping have been experienced by many people. The energy is transferred using fingertips by pressing the pressure points located in specific parts of the body.

Questions surrounding the EFT therapy

Which conditions can EFT treat?

This might be surprising, but EFT can be used to treazdfcsdfdsfst all conditions and ailments whether physical, psychological or emotional. The reason behind the healing benefits of this therapy is based on the concept of energy.
It is believed that diseases and ailments are caused by energy and the energy is responsible for various diseases and ailments.

If there is an imbalance in the energy at the pressure points, then this causes ailments. By creating a balance in the specific points in the body, then healing is achieved.

Any side effects?

This is one of the few treatment options in the world that have no side effects. Using the EFT therapy, you are sure that you are safe from any contraindications and side effects. The reason why this therapy has no side effects because no drugs or equipment are used in the treatment.

Drugs have side effects on the body due to some harmful ingredients that alter the normal working on the body. With the use of EFT, the body is used to heal the body keeping in mind that only fingers are used to transfer energy.

Can you do it yefdsfdsfsourself?

Yes, this is a technique that you can do yourself once you learn the basics that are involved in the process. In the beginning, you can involve EFT specialist to help you learn the basics involved in the process. You can also invest in books and DVDs to help you know more about the therapy and how to gain success.

Is it suitable for everyone?

The best thing with the EFT treatment procedure is the fact that it is successful and safe for all kinds of people. It can be even used in children as long as the approach is suitable for them. This is to tell you how safe the therapy is.