Childbirth is a happy occasion for any family. But after the celebration of the newborn, it is time to start caring for the baby with all the constant and special attention it needs. Being able to carry the baby’s supplies is important. That is why we have the trusty diaper bag. Click here to find out more about the best 10 backpack diaper bags available. The best diaper bags carry everything that a mother needs to carry such as car keys and cell phones and what the baby needs while traveling.

Must Have Essentials


Always bring more than what you think you will need. It is always good to be prepared for emergencies rather than find yourself in a situation where the baby has soiled his last diaper, and you have no more extra left for another change.

Baby Bottles

You will need to bring a lot of bottles with you especially on long trips where you may not have access to a sterilizer. You can also invest in a portable bottle sterilizer if you expect to be on the road a lot, in which case you will not need to bring as many bottles.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are not only essential for cleaning your baby during a diaper change but also for cleaning up unexpected messes like spit-ups, both on you and on the baby. There are large packs of baby wipes available in stores, but these tend to dry out when not used up within a certain amount of time.

Formula And Water

Having the baby go hungry during your trip is certainly out of the question. Ensure you bring enough formula and water to keep him appeased until you get home. Some diaper bags come with their containers for formula, but if your bag does not have one, it is advisable to buy one.


Not all parents use pacifiers, but if you do, you should make sure to bring one or two extras in addition to the one your baby regularly uses.


Babies drool a lot, and it gets a lot worse when the teeth start to come in. To keep your baby’s clothes as dry as possible, be sure to bring enough bibs so that you can keep replacing them before they get soaked.


You do not need to bring the entire playroom with you when you travel. You just need to throw two or three toys into the diaper bag that will keep the baby entertained during your trip.

Zip-lock bags

Access to garbage bins can be unpredictable when you are away from your house. Instead of scouring the surroundings looking for a place to throw away your baby’s dirty diapers, just store them in zip-lock bags and dispose of them when you get home.

Listed are the must have essential to have in the baby’s diaper bag. In addition, also carry a changing mat to help when you need to change the baby’s diapers.