Hockey is one of the games that you must play with the right gear. Hockey cleats are important during the game, and they will determine if you will gain success in the game. To successfully play the game without any problems, you need to buy the best field hockey cleats. Just like any other type of footwear, you should get the right fitting. The right fitting will make sure that you are comfortable enough when in the field. It is recommended that you do a personal fitting and your test them before you go to the field to play.

Buying cleats for field hockey

Strong and durable material

Field hockey is quite a rough game, and you need to make sure that you buy strong cleats that will withstand the game. Look for a high-quality material that will be able to withstand all the game activities. When looking for hockey cleats, the type of material will always determine the strength. There are some popular brands that are known for quality so you might want to take time and buy the established brands. This will avoid the need to replace your cleats frequently.



When buying hockey cleats, you don’t want heavy ones that will make it uncomfortable when moving. Always look for lightweight cleats to make it easy and comfortable when playing. There are some cleat materials that are both light and durable so make sure that you check for that.

Level of support

There are two types of cleats, and this will determine the level of support. The normal cleats are ankle length or below the ankles. On the other hand, some cleats are above the ankles. The above the ankle cleats make it easy when putting the shin guard because they offer additional support when playing the game.


You might want to consider cleats that have additional cushioning in the interior of the cleat. Cushioning of the cleats will protect you from impact, and this is good for the safety aspect when playing. The more the cushioning, the better but also remember that this is likely to compromise the weight of the cleats.


Molded or turf cleats

There are molded and turf cleats depending on the type of sole. For field hockey, the most preferred sole type is the molded sole because it offers more stability and support during the game.