The most of the slimming tablets on the market work in one of the two ways. There are different types of diätpillen pills available. They either prevent your metabolism from processing the fat content that you take in with food, or they enhance satiety by boosting the levels of serotonin, thus making you feel full and eat less.

Types of slimming pills

Type one

Also called the fat-blockers, the active in4tertetetgredients in these tablets block the action of pancreatic enzymes responsible for fat digestion in your intestine (e.g., lipase enzyme). Once the pill has effectively inhibited hydrolysis, the undigested fats pass through the intestines unabsorbed. This approach can effectively block around 30% of fat from being absorbed by your metabolism.

In essence, this means that one-third of the calories taken in as fat is denied access to your system, which in turn manifests as weight loss. Choosing between type one and two is much easier if you know how each type works.

Type two

The second type of slimming pills works by suppressing appetite through its affects on the appetite center in the base of the brain. They work by blocking the way in which the body inactivates a couple of hormones called norepinephrine and serotonin.

They are very much in control of appetite. So if you can control the hormones that are involved in appetite you can have an effect on weight loss.

Which type is right for you?

While both types of these tablets promote and maintain weight loss, there are several factors which you can consider before you decide which approach would suit you personally.

It is crucial that you differentiate how do slimming tablets work before making the decision. Fat-blockers need about 12 weeks to show significant results, which is healthy because the change for your body is gradual.

An additionaerwtertretl advantage of fat-blockers is that they are very useful for sensitive groups. For example, people who have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, appetite suppressants need much less time to show first results – about four weeks, which is great if you’re in a hurry to loose weight.

The best way to achieve results is to decide for one of the two types and combine it with an efficient diet and an exercise plan. If you notice that the first type of tablets does not give the desired results, you can try the appetite suppressants and recheck the weight scale after a few weeks.