When it dawns on people that they have to lose some weight, the rowing machine is among the preferred equipment for them. Rowing machines are designed to work in the same way as a rowing boat. The difference is that rowing machines let your legs get a good percentage of the workouts while rowing a boat will task the upper part of your body.

Early Preparation

Anyone wondering how to lose weight using a rowing machine should know that they can achieve much only if they use the machine correctly. If you use the device properly, you will benefit from muscle and cardio exercises, resulting in a better body.


Before starting any work on the machine, you should first warm up and check the equipment’s resistance. It is always important to check if it is in the right place. You should carefully read the instructions if you are using the machine for the first time.

Pacing your Weight Loss

There are usually promises of fast weight loss but unknown to many, they involve methods like dehydration and restricted diets which are unsustainable. The best strategy to lose weight using a rowing machine is pacing your weight loss. It is not only sustainable and safe, but help to lose weight much faster.


Always eat the right way when you are using a rowing machine to lose weight. Whenever you shred off 3, 500 calories and fail to replace them with food, you stand to lose a pound of body fat. However, it does not mean that you should start starving yourself. Failure to consume enough food to counter the increased level of activity in your body may cause your body to reduce its metabolism.

You can increase the rate at which you are losing weight by consuming a diet with reduced calories but rich in other nutrients. You are better placed if you eat more vegetables and fruits with lean protein and whole grains in reasonable portions. This will assist in energizing your body without replacing the calories that you want to shed off.


gdgdssd67h4To achieve your goals and enjoy the benefits of rowing machine, you should employ the correct technique. Instead of sitting down, scooting back and tugging on your handle, you should start with a leg drive while you are pushing your seat back.

You also need to lean back from your hips at the last part of the leg drive and bring your handle to your lower ribs quickly. You should then reverse your motion as you extend the arms while hinging forward from your hip and bending the knees for the following stroke.