CrossFit shoes are commonly worn by athletes while training or practicing. It is essential for them to know the kind of shoes that will be able to resist the daily wear and tear of running, weight lifting and the various body weight movements and gymnastics will put them through. An individual’s need for example inflexibility, injury or weakness, is addressed when selecting the best CrossFit shoes. Hence one can get more benefit from his or her work out, and also one can work at a higher intensity. The following are some of the factors will be helpful to a person to choosing the best crossfit shoes available in the market;


Structure of the CrossFit Shoes

kkjkjjkjjkjkjThe rope climb is one of the most difficult tasks for CrossFit workouts while wearing a pair of the said shoes. For the athletes or individuals who have mastered legless rope climbs, it is all about footwork as it upper body strength when getting to the top of a twenty-foot rope. A pair of CrossFit shoe model with enough structure at the instep should be considered since it will pinch the rope between one’s feet and rope without the rope digging into someone.

Level of the activity

The duration of workouts by an individual will entirely determine by the durability of the shoes. For the individuals who trains for three to four days in a week, Nano kind of CrossFit should be purchased since they give an excellent support and are cheap in price. If someone is an athlete who is training for a competition, games, CrossFit open or Regionals, Nano 3 should be considered. The Nano 3 is the best kind of CrossFit shoes available in the market, and they last for a longer time.


Most decisions made when purchasing a pair of shoes is based on how they look. The Reebok Company have got various designs of a line of CrossFit shoes, making them look great and at same time function at the top of their game. The Nano 2 model type of CrossFit shoes features a flashy protective rubber webbing. The Reebok firm gives their clients the option of customizing their shoes on Nano 2 and the Nano 3 types.


fgfgfgfgfgfBy stating the word Fit, we referring to how an individual feels when he or she is wearing the CrossFit shoes. The majority of the CrossFit shoes available in the market are big on the minimalist idea that relies on trying to get someone as close to barefoot as one possibly can with the shoe.